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Yeti Shuns NRA
Post by: Swampman
Who buys their overpriced crap anyway? $400 for for a 36 qt. cooler? Seriously? There are plenty of alternatives out there that are far less expensive, and they already get my...

Pa non resident acceptance
Post by: Swampman
Isn't 2A/10A national reciprocity? Why the hell are the individual states allowed to trample on a natural right codified in the Constitution?

Oh yeah, that's right, the freaking Pro...

Kiwanis Wilderness Trails
Post by: wittmeba
Kiwanis Wilderness Trails
Spaces 47 & 49
Hickock Street
Christiansburg, Va

Hours: 9AM-4PM

Sponsor's website:
38th Annual Steppin' Out
Post by: wittmeba
38th Annual STEPPIN' OUT
Downtown Blacksburg

10AM-8PM, both days

Sponsor's website:
Terror Needs No Guns
Post by: Fubar
Look at England, and Canada. This fruitcake Trudeau, let '

Cheapest 22 Ever?
Post by: Reverenddel

I'm a huge fan of trigger replacement when you discover it's not what



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