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Debunking liberal mag limit
Post by: kelu
Send this to the politicians

New Member from Virginia Beach
Post by: dusterdude

Sent from my LG-US601 usin

Hunting doe with a 357 snub nose? legal and ethical?
Post by: jdonovan
the majority of loads in a 2" BBL 357 are not going to achieve the required 350 ft-lb of energy.

therefore your ethics question is moot, if the firearm selected is illeg...

Making a First-Aid Kit - What Else?
Post by: jdonovan
consider who you might be working on... having done county fire/ems, I kinda wanted exam gloves made from cow hide, perhaps even suitable for welding. Its one thing when your are play...

Gov. Northam announces gun control package
Post by: Swampman
Since when did that ever

Any one else just cannot get rid of anything?
Post by: Reverenddel
I swear, when Pop, and Aunt Peg passed, I had a PLETHORA of guns I was dumping/selling/trading left and right.

3 years later, everytime I think I'm gonna get rid of something, I sho...



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