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The difference between a mugger and a politician
Post by: AlanM
Rather than posting copyrighted material, here's a link.

For those of you that don't wish to click, it shows two wolves having coffee and one...

"Here, Mom, shoot him."
Post by: AlanM
5 yo Child gives mom gun to shoot dad during violent fight in northwest Houston

According to investigators, just after 5 p.m. the man, identified as Derek Martin, broke into his wife's ap...

How to take control of an issue
Post by: wittmeba
This is very impressive and shows how to react quickly.

Building an outdoor range: How close from my own house?
Post by: AlanM
I used to do something like that with my Crossman Air rifle but I don't think I'd try it with a true firearm.
I had an on going war with a clan of ground squirrels (what a lot of people c...

Post by: Swampman
So, two years ago Stewart said the RNC was pulling money out of Virginia. Wonder where they stand now on funding Stewarts race against Tiny Tim?

What do we have to do to change the pr...

Pa non resident acceptance
Post by: dusterdude
Good deal marc

Sent from my R1 HD usin

13 Year Old With Knife...
Post by: Reverenddel
It's true! And if they're really prepared? They have MULTIPLE blades on them to do MULTIP



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