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Post by: wittmeba
The mid-term election on Nov 6 will be so close we need to remind every republican to get out and vote their party.

If they don't we may lose a lot and it will be more difficult to win...

585 HE -- Cases In Production --
Post by: hubel585
Here is video of early water barrel test of the

12ga From Hell, from years ago.

Here is picture from that video..


Here is the intermediate siz...

Good day
Post by: dusterdude

Sent from my R1 HD usin

City employee fired for gun in car, sues for RKBA
Post by: Reverenddel
Then "Evil Exes" do things like that... it's why I only told the "Woman" about what I have.

Figured 14 years, she's a'ight for a w

Pelosi Promises Gun Control Push in 2019!
Post by: wittmeba
Avoiding more gun control will be a key issue the rest of our lives.

In addition we need to spread the word to the general public to vote. And don't be afraid to vote your conscience ...

VCDL Lobby Day 2019 - Richmond, Va
Post by: wittmeba
VCDL Lobby Day - Richmond, Va
(more info to follow...)

Jan 21, 2019
8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

General Assembly Building
201 N 9th St
Richmond, VA 23219

Map to location:

Wall safe
Post by: dusterdude
Pistols and some ammo and personal papera

Sent from my R1 HD usin

Glock 45
Post by: Ironbear
I notice that the new Glock 45 is out.... and is a 9mm...

Am I being too cynical in thinking that some folks out there will have real heartburn trying to get the right ammo for it? :roll:




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