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Back in the '50s Virginia banned certain toy guns.
Post by: WRW
"No person shall sell, barter, exchange, furnish, or dispose of by purchase, gift or in any other manner any toy gun, pistol, rifle or other toy firearm, if the same shall, by action of an...

Clean, Lube, Protect
Post by: jdonovan
so I'm not a grunt who only has room to cary 1 bottle of gun care stuff, so I don't have any multi-taskers on my chemical shelf.

Ol #9 has done me well for removing powder residue.
I l...

Latest In Tactical Training
Post by: Swampman
Interesting drill Mark, but not for me. Not interested in having good guys in fr

585 HE -- Cases In Production --
Post by: hubel585
In 416 HSM got a 415 gr long target bullet 3800,

with plain barrel, no brake, on intermediate action,

Our 416 HE gets same 415gr bullet ...

Manually Calculate Distance To Target
Post by: MarcSpaz
kelu wrote:Hi Marc,
What range are you going?

Peacemaker National Training Center.

Action Items & Gun Buy Back Program -- Fredericksburg Va
Post by: wittmeba
Please take a minute and contact our Senators with the pre-written form/link provided be below.

1. ACTION ITEM: Last shot at National Reciprocity for a while
2. ACTION ITEM: Rockbridge ...

VCDL Membership Meeting -- Annandale Va
Post by: wittmeba
December 19, 2019 (Thursday)

Annandale Membership Meeting

Mason Govt Center
Large Conference Room
6507 Columbia Pike
Annandale, VA 22003

Fellowship begins at 7:00 PM.
Meeting called to ord...



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