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L.O.T.D. - Unbreakable glass meets dumb and dumber
Post by: AlanM
Laugh Of The Day
I've been lead to believe that this is a real security video, not faked.
It's only 17 seconds but you'll want to watch it a few times.

'Toon: HRC calls DJT
Post by: AlanM
Swampman wrote:@AlanM - do you mind if I spread this far and wide? It's just too good not to share!

Have at it. I stole it from somewhere el...

New Rose Grips - P226
Post by: MarcSpaz
Yea, man... not only do they look good, but they feel really nice. They improve the fit in my hand. I can't wait to shoot

How to post pictures in the forum
Post by: wittmeba
allingeneral wrote:Image
I hope that helps!

By the way... that's my wife kissing a catfish that I caught a couple of years ago :)

Will she kiss me like that? I think I'm better ...

VCDL Lobby Day results and status
Post by: AlanM
Yep, he's counting all gun deaths and rounding up.

From ... rginia.htm

For 2016 Virginia firearm deaths = 946, homicides = 374.
And we know that no...

Interesting conversation.
Post by: GregVa
Thanks for the good ideas, I have to star

Compare: 300 Blackout/7.62X39
Post by: MarcSpaz
I saw that in your gun porn post. That bad boy is pre

Monday " Gun Porn "
Post by: Snakester
I think I would only use the shipping container for very short time for any firearms. Maybe a longer storage time for some ammo. I've got an old floor freezer that I stored welding r...



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